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(AR) is the alternative to an independent claims adjuster that charge you a fee or just accepting what the insurance company offers you. We do what independent claims adjusters do for free!


An independent claims adjuster is not required to oversee the restoration nor are they required to guarantee that the amount leftover after their fee is enough to complete the restoration. Claimants are usually left with an insurance settlement that paid enough to restore the damage properly but after the large fee by the adjuster, have only enough to hire the cheapest contractor to replace the damaged area(s) with the cheapest of products.


 Many ‘independent claims adjuster" will tell you that they can get you more money than what your insurance company will offer you, which in most cases is true. The outrageous fees that come along with this representation is where the trouble begins. In most cases the difference between the insurance companies offer and the additional funds that a ‘independent claims adjuster’ will negotiate is paperwork. An independent claims adjuster, in most cases, will simply add more detail to the original property damage insurance claim. Adding this detail takes a professional in the restorations market. Who better to provide such restoration detail than a licensed contractor that actually does the work, Advanced Renovations, Inc.  This detail is the difference between having one wall repainted or all the walls, ceiling, trim and doors painted.


(AR) offers to handle the claim and the restoration all under the same roof. We will handle the claim with the insurance company and do the repairs/restorations. By doing both we are able to reduce or eliminate the independent claim adjuster fees. This allows more of the settlement funds to be directed into the repair/renovation. The settled claim amount remains the same. More is spent on the actual renovation.

Insurance Claims:

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